All about volcanoes

This is my volcano project I hope you enjoy!


Volcanoes are made of gas underground. The lava from the top of the volcano slowly comes down to the bottom of the volcano and goes into the water. When the lava is in the water it turns to stone.


Lava can be the color of  black, red, gray, brown and tan, metallic silver, pink, or green.


 Volcanoes can be dormant, extinct or inactive!


  • Dormant means the volcano  is asleep but it will or can erupt in the future! 
  • Extinct means when volcanoes have erupted in the past they will most likely not  erupt again in the future!
  •  Inactive means it has never erupted but it can in the future!


The eruption of a volcano  can be dangerous or not because the volcano can shoot lava up into the air or the lava can slowly come down from the top of the volcano.


A Volcano will eventually run out  of  magma. It will take two to 100 years for a new batch of magma to be made. 


I hope you enjoyed my project about volcanoes!



How light travels

Hi today I am going to tell you about my science experiment!

My hypothesis

I thought that the light would bounce off the first mirror and go to the last mirror.

Procedure – What did I do (Step by step):


  1. I gathered my materials
  2. I set up my card with the clay
  3. I set up my mirror
  4. I shone my flashlight into the mirror to see how and where the light bounced off.





I was right the light travelled to mirror to mirror and hit a card!

Personal recount

Hi today I am going to show you my personal recount!

what is a personal recount? A personal recount is a piece of writing that happens to you in the past.

What do you need to add in a personal recount?

  • past tense verbs,
  • chronological order
  • use transition  words like,  first ,next,finally         

Trip to Disney world

Before Covid, my dad and I went on a trip to Florida. First, we flew from Ottawa to Florida very early one morning. When we arrived in Florida, we took the bus to Disney World. On the bus, there were seats like couches and movies that showed stuff about Disney World.

Then, we got checked into the hotel. The beautiful hotel had a bar where we could get food. I had croissants. Next, we went on rides and ate candy. We went to Animal Kingdom. I saw bats, lions, tigers, elephants, zebras and giraffes. I liked to see them all. We also went on a ride there where you could see animals besides you. Some were in cages (like the bats) and others were in a giant fenced area. I ate a giant cookie bigger than my head and a giant donut bigger than my head.

Later, I went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. I saw a girl on stilts there! We went on more rides and ate more candy and then went on even more rides. My favourite ride was Splash Mountain. You go in a tube thing with a bunch of other people and go down a waterslide on a river. I was so excited because it was fun. Finally, we bought stuffies and we went to bed. I can’t wait to go back to Disney World!


Rough Copy:


My dad and I flew to Florida. We took the bus to Disney World. We got checked into the hotel.  We went on rides and ate candy. We went on more rides and ate more candy and went on more rides. Then we bought stuffies and then we went to bed.

We also used our recount skills when we created a visual recount storyboard for the novel the Wild Robot!