Haida Indigenous Communities Grade 6

Hi, today I’m going to tell you about my Indigenous communities project about the Haida group.


Project Explanation

For my project me and my group members had to talk about the Haida group. We were all given a section to right and talk about. The sections are regional area, national language, social organizations, living conditions, major rites and ceremonies and practices, most significant story, trade/conflict, art and music and dance and last fun facts. Our project has 16 slides 1 being the front cover one being the back cover three being bibliography slides and the rest was all information. On each slide that had information it has built points and a image. For this project we got multiple weeks to work on it so we had time to make the slides look good me and all my group members like to more when our presentations look good so we decorated it a good amount. 


What I Was Asked To Do For The Project

I was asked to do the sections regional area and trade/conflict. I also made the bibliography and helped decorates the slides.

Why I Think Learning About Indigenous Communities Is Important

I think learning about indigenous communities is important because its how we learn about the people that have been around the longest and i like learning about what they invented and how they live.


What’s One Thing That Makes The Haida People Unique

One thing that makes the Haida people unique is there art and architecture. There art and architecture both focus on the creative embellishment of wood.

What Else Would I Like To Learn About Indigenous Comunities

If I could pick something new to learn about Indigenous communities I would want to learn how they made all there amazing languishes.

10 Facts I learned Wile Doing This Project

  • The Haida tribe mainly live on the coastal bay of Haida Gwaii in British Columbia.
  • Haida Gwaii is a group of islands containing about 150 islands in a sword-like shape that is 250 km long.
  • Haida Gwaii is one of the most isolated islands in Canada.
  • It was formed by huge plates moving under the Pacific Ocean from the south to their present location.
  • Unlike most of Canada Haida Gwaii escaped glaciation during the last ice age. This helped group Haida Gwaii together.
  • The Haida group lived on Haida Gwaii for at least 6000 to 8000 years.
  • When people from Europe came to Haida Gwaii they brought diseases with them and because the Haida people were not used to these new illnesses their bodies had no protection against it and many Haida people died dropping their population to 588 people in 1915.
  • The Haida traded a lot with the Coast Tsimshian and Tlingit and traded them for canoes, slaves, and shells for Chilkat blankets, hides, and copper.
  • The Haida Nation also made some treaties. British Columbia agreed that the Haida tribe owns all of Haida Gwaii. The name of this agreement is Gaayhllxid/Gíihlagalgang “Rising Tide”. It recognizes the Haida people’s rights and took 50 years to make.
  • Many of the native plants of Haida Gwaii are unique and the only other place they can only be found is in the distant parts of Japan.
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Bar And Bat Mitzvah

Hi today I’m going to tell you about what I learned in Jewish studies so far.

How does life change once you reach the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

If you don’t already know  a bar or bat mitzvah is, it is a Jewish celebration for a 12 or 13 year old.  After this tradition the kid will officially become a Jewish adult when this happens some things will change. You will have more responsibility for your actions.

Why are the tallit and tefillin important? What purpose do they serve? 

Tallit: is a prayer shul it has 4 corners on it with fringes to remined us of the 613 mitzvot. Tallit is was typically worn by men everyday but after the Second Temple was destroyed, it was only used for praying.

Tefillin: is two black boxes with Torah parchment inside of them witch are attached to leather straps one box goes on the head and one goes on the arm. The one on the head represents our thoughts and the one on our arm represents our actions. Tefillin are worn during the morning prayers but not on Shabbat or holidays. Tefillin is important because it is used for praying and it is a way to connect to G-d.

What did you find interesting?

What I found interesting was why people used Tefillin. To me it was confusing but now I under stand the purpose of it.


Here are some images of Tallit and Tefillin.








Expedition Jupiter Reflection

Hi everyone, today I’m going to tell you about what I improved on when I was making my innovation day project called Expedition Jupiter!

When I started my innovation day project I was really stressed, I didn’t know what to do. I thought I wouldn’t finish in time or wouldn’t do well. When the time came to paint Expedition Jupiter I thought it would be so hard and take a lot of time but when i did it it wasn’t hard at all. That is when I realized I was over exaggerating and stressing over nothing. I was still stressed but the more I got through the project the less stressed I was. After this experience I know in future projects to try to not stress too much because it actually makes it harder to work.


Here Are Some Images Of My Project!!!!!!!

First Term Of Social Studies!

This term in Social Studies we learned about Canadian identity. We explored diversity among the provinces, national symbols, and international organizations that Canada plays a role in.

What makes Canada diverse?

Two things that make Canada diverse are that we have all 4 seasons and we are connected to oceans.

What are some symbols you imagine when you think of Canada?

These are some Canadian symbols that come to mind when you think of Canada.

693 Beaver Canadian Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime


Canada - Wikipedia

Bull moose clipart - Clipartix | Moose clipart, Moose, Funny easy drawings

Bottle Of Maple Syrup Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - Maple Syrup, Bottle, Syrup - iStock


What national symbol did I select for my infographic assignment?

The national symbol I chose was the maple tree.

Here is an image of a maple tree!

Red Maple - Flowers And Bulbs | Veseys

Here are three facts about the maple tree

    1. There are 150 known species of maple trees.

2. Only 13 kinds of maple trees are native to North America.

3. Fact 3: Ten species of maple trees grow in Canada.

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My international humanitarian project!

Why are international organizations important?

To effectively save lives during emergencies, humanitarian organizations respond quickly.

What is my organization?

My organization is Care Canada

What my organization does to help.

CARE Canada is an organization that helps people around the globe, fights poverty, saves lives, and accomplishes social justice in our world by looking into women and girls and helping their leadership skills.


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Canada is Diverse

In Social Studies, we have been learning about what makes Canada diverse. This assignment shows the importance of diversity within Canada. 

Here is my assignment:

Canada is a diverse nation. The benefits of being different are that when different people are good at different things and when people do different jobs, our community functions. Plus being the same is boring. Diversity can positively impact a community because we get what we need to get done and when other provinces have different resources and you don’t have the same things as them you could trade so everyone gets what they need. And trading can earn you trust and that means you will be in less wars so it’s important that every country has different resources.

We have lots of nature and a city. We have all 4 seasons and we are connected to oceans.  We all have different resources and cultures and there are time changes. Not  all countries have all 4 seasons. People speak different languages depending on where they are from. Two completely different provinces Quebec and BC have lots of differences. One major difference is that Quebec is fluent in French and BC is fluent in English. Another difference is that they have different weather and landscape. Quebec is quite flat and the mountains are spread out, while in BC the mountains are packed together. A final difference is that Quebec is much bigger than BC.

The temperature and weather is different depending on where you are. Different provinces have their own natural resources and habitat. BC has outstanding natural beauty, one of them is a section of the Canadian rocky mountains. This is different to Quebec because Quebec has the St. Lawrence Lowlands. The St. Lawrence Lowlands are a lot of rivers and wetlands near the St. Lawrence River.

In BC one main site is Vancouver with the population of  631,486 people making Vancouver the biggest city in BC. There is also Greenwood with a population of 665 people making Greenwood the smallest city in BC. In Quebec, Montreal is the largest city with a population of 1,762,949 people. A famous landmark in BC is the Lions Gate Bridge. Its outstanding historic buildings include Waterfront Station, Hotel Vancouver and the Marine Buildings. A famous landmark in Quebec is Place Royale. Place Royale  is an original stone plaza where people still meet to this day.

BC and Quebec have different climates. BC has a lot of wind that comes from the Atlantic ocean. BC summers are cool, wet and short. Quebec Has extreme hot and cold weather. Sometimes the weather in Quebec can be very severe.

In BC people are driven by a healthy population and tourism. The service sector plays a ginormous job in the region’s economy. Other important jobs include fishing, farming, construction,  and film and television.

In Quebec, important jobs include retail (clothing stores) and Healthcare.

Canada is a bilingual country. In Quebec, people speak mostly French. People who speak only French are called francophone and in the rest of Canada people mostly speak English. 

That’s why I think Canada is a diverse nation!

Canada Political Map - Colored Map with Regions



Grade 5 Innovation day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my Innovation day project in grade 5.  For my project I made a wind turbine that powers a light in a park!

This is my information on my poster board about how a wind turbine makes electricity!

How do wind turbines make electricity? Well It starts by the wind slowly turning the turbine blades. In the main housing, called the nacelle, there are a lot of components for stability and direction. But the key components of a common configuration of wind turbine are the Drive Shaft, Gearbox and Generator. The force of the wind that turns the blades turns the drive shaft. The drive shaft has a large gear in the gear box that turns a smaller one, because the second gear is smaller it turns faster, fast enough to make electricity. That second gear turns a rotor, this rotates inside a drum of wire coils called a stator. The rotor excites the electrons in the stator, creating an electrical current. This process works exactly like the alternator in your car. The current travels down a cable inside the tower and into a transformer at the bottom where it is converted to a higher voltage for long distance travel.


And this is my wind power information on my poster!

Anything that moves around has a type of energy called kinetic energy. Wind is air moving around therefore wind is a type of kinetic energy.


Wind power is harnessed by a machine which is called a wind turbine. Wind turbines are tall towers, topped with blades. These blades are connected to a vertical shaft, or rod. When the force of the wind causes the blades to spin, they turn the shaft.Turning the shaft provides power to a machine called a generator, which will produce electricity.


 One of the bad things about wind turbines is that birds and bats can be injured or killed if they are hit by turbine blades. These deaths may contribute to declines in the population of species also affected by other human-related impacts. Otherwise wind is a great clean energy source that doesn’t hurt the environment. 



This is a image of my innovation day project!


Scientists in the school reflection

Hi! today I’m going to share my Scientists in the school reflection!

A Scientist came digitally to my school to help my class do a science experiment. We were doing the Science experiment on States of matter. The main goal of the session was to learn about States of matter and we where tiring to figure out what this mystery powder was. In the experiment we mixed powders with water some examples are Epsom salt, baking soda and flower. I learned a lot about Sates of Matter and how to use different powders to fined out what another powder is. I think my favorite part was when we mixed some different powders and water in a cup and some foam over filed the cup. My least favorite part was cleaning up!

Coca cola bottle cap!!!!!!!!

Hi today I’m going to show you my persuasive righting  on why you should perches my  coca cola bottle cap!!!! { you cant actually perches my cap}


Do you have a coca cola bottle that you don’t know what to do with? Get a bubble blower bottle cap!!!!!! You should get this because it provides fun, it’s good for cleaning, and it’s a good price!! 


My first fact is that it provides fun! Bubble blowers are very enjoyable. It’s satisfying to pop, and it will make your kids want to go outside to have fun with this amazing cap. With this cap, you can blow two different sizes of bubbles, which will make double the fun.


My second outstanding fact is that this cap is good for cleaning! Do you want to clean and have fun at the same time?! If you do, get this cap! You can blow a bubble onto a wall, then add a bit of water, and presto you had fun and cleaned the wall! Stay clean and have fun.


My last amazing fact, that you’re all going to love is that it’s cheap!!!! Our bottle cap is only 50 cents! And if you buy three or more you will get one free!!! You have to admit that’s a good price!


You should get this cap because it’s the most fun in the world, you can clean and have fun, and last drumroll please, it’s cheeeeap! Thank you for listening about my amazing cap!!! You can buy this awesome cap at WWW.BUBBLE BLOWER BOTTLECAP.CA 

Persuasive letter for NO HOMEWORK!!!!!

Hi! today I’m going to share my persuasive letter to my teacher for why we should have no homework!

Dear Miss. Abby, 

It is so not fair after school we have to do more work, when we will ever be able to play. Hi Miss. Abby this letter is going  to explain why we should have no homework! My three main points are homework creates stress, after school we need a break from learning and there are better things we can do with our time. So let’s get started! 

My first point is that homework creates stress. When kids get homework they get stressed because they think they won’t finish in time or that it is too hard. The problem is when anyone gets stressed they can feel sick often it would be a stomach ache. Do you want us to feel sick?

My second point is that with no homework we can have a break from learning. If you do too much work at a time, you start to get tired then we can’t do our best work and if we do the homework wrong because of this you will give easier work we don’t need. Do you want to see what level we are at then give us no homework!!!!!!!

My last point is that we have better things to do with our time. If you get a lot of homework and you need to do it and you think about playing outside instead, which is better for you to do sitting and doing work or playing and getting exercise, I think it is better to go outside so we get exercise and have fun then doing work that might not help us. Don’t you want what is best for us?

I think we should not have homework because we don’t get stressed, so we can have a break from learning and we can do better things with our time. WE NEED NO HOMEWORK.