Grade 5 Innovation day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my Innovation day project in grade 5.  For my project I made a wind turbine that powers a light in a park!

This is my information on my poster board about how a wind turbine makes electricity!

How do wind turbines make electricity? Well It starts by the wind slowly turning the turbine blades. In the main housing, called the nacelle, there are a lot of components for stability and direction. But the key components of a common configuration of wind turbine are the Drive Shaft, Gearbox and Generator. The force of the wind that turns the blades turns the drive shaft. The drive shaft has a large gear in the gear box that turns a smaller one, because the second gear is smaller it turns faster, fast enough to make electricity. That second gear turns a rotor, this rotates inside a drum of wire coils called a stator. The rotor excites the electrons in the stator, creating an electrical current. This process works exactly like the alternator in your car. The current travels down a cable inside the tower and into a transformer at the bottom where it is converted to a higher voltage for long distance travel.


And this is my wind power information on my poster!

Anything that moves around has a type of energy called kinetic energy. Wind is air moving around therefore wind is a type of kinetic energy.


Wind power is harnessed by a machine which is called a wind turbine. Wind turbines are tall towers, topped with blades. These blades are connected to a vertical shaft, or rod. When the force of the wind causes the blades to spin, they turn the shaft.Turning the shaft provides power to a machine called a generator, which will produce electricity.


 One of the bad things about wind turbines is that birds and bats can be injured or killed if they are hit by turbine blades. These deaths may contribute to declines in the population of species also affected by other human-related impacts. Otherwise wind is a great clean energy source that doesn’t hurt the environment. 



This is a image of my innovation day project!


Scientists in the school reflection

Hi! today I’m going to share my Scientists in the school reflection!

A Scientist came digitally to my school to help my class do a science experiment. We were doing the Science experiment on States of matter. The main goal of the session was to learn about States of matter and we where tiring to figure out what this mystery powder was. In the experiment we mixed powders with water some examples are Epsom salt, baking soda and flower. I learned a lot about Sates of Matter and how to use different powders to fined out what another powder is. I think my favorite part was when we mixed some different powders and water in a cup and some foam over filed the cup. My least favorite part was cleaning up!

Coca cola bottle cap!!!!!!!!

Hi today I’m going to show you my persuasive righting  on why you should perches my  coca cola bottle cap!!!! { you cant actually perches my cap}


Do you have a coca cola bottle that you don’t know what to do with? Get a bubble blower bottle cap!!!!!! You should get this because it provides fun, it’s good for cleaning, and it’s a good price!! 


My first fact is that it provides fun! Bubble blowers are very enjoyable. It’s satisfying to pop, and it will make your kids want to go outside to have fun with this amazing cap. With this cap, you can blow two different sizes of bubbles, which will make double the fun.


My second outstanding fact is that this cap is good for cleaning! Do you want to clean and have fun at the same time?! If you do, get this cap! You can blow a bubble onto a wall, then add a bit of water, and presto you had fun and cleaned the wall! Stay clean and have fun.


My last amazing fact, that you’re all going to love is that it’s cheap!!!! Our bottle cap is only 50 cents! And if you buy three or more you will get one free!!! You have to admit that’s a good price!


You should get this cap because it’s the most fun in the world, you can clean and have fun, and last drumroll please, it’s cheeeeap! Thank you for listening about my amazing cap!!! You can buy this awesome cap at WWW.BUBBLE BLOWER BOTTLECAP.CA 

Persuasive letter for NO HOMEWORK!!!!!

Hi! today I’m going to share my persuasive letter to my teacher for why we should have no homework!

Dear Miss. Abby, 

It is so not fair after school we have to do more work, when we will ever be able to play. Hi Miss. Abby this letter is going  to explain why we should have no homework! My three main points are homework creates stress, after school we need a break from learning and there are better things we can do with our time. So let’s get started! 

My first point is that homework creates stress. When kids get homework they get stressed because they think they won’t finish in time or that it is too hard. The problem is when anyone gets stressed they can feel sick often it would be a stomach ache. Do you want us to feel sick?

My second point is that with no homework we can have a break from learning. If you do too much work at a time, you start to get tired then we can’t do our best work and if we do the homework wrong because of this you will give easier work we don’t need. Do you want to see what level we are at then give us no homework!!!!!!!

My last point is that we have better things to do with our time. If you get a lot of homework and you need to do it and you think about playing outside instead, which is better for you to do sitting and doing work or playing and getting exercise, I think it is better to go outside so we get exercise and have fun then doing work that might not help us. Don’t you want what is best for us?

I think we should not have homework because we don’t get stressed, so we can have a break from learning and we can do better things with our time. WE NEED NO HOMEWORK.






The 7 grand father teachings!

Hi! Today am going to tell you abbot 7 grand father teachings. The 7  grand father teachings are are rules to follow that will make shire you have a good peaceful life. I belief they are all important to have a peaceful life.


Here are the 7 teaching in English and Anishinaabe!

 Debwewin (Truth) .

Zoongidi’ewin (Courage).

 Manaaji’idiwin (Respect).

Gwayakwaadiziwin (Integrity).

Zaagi’idiwin (Love).

 Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) .

Dabasendizowin (Humility) .


Here are the symbols for all 7 grand father teachings!


Rock Cycle!

Hi! today I’m going to share with you my Rock Cycle blog with a cave with the rocks from the cycle. This science was self directed this mean I chose what I did and made my own learning goal. Here is a picture of my planning sheet!

What is the Rock Cycle!

When magma comes up from a volcano later when the magma  gets cooled by the air, it turns into igneous rock. Wind and other natural forces make igneous rock turn into very small rocks. When the little pieces of rock get washed away by water, all of the parts will form sedimentary rocks. Some of those sedimentary rocks get pushed down by the atomic plates and become metamorphic rocks. As metamorphic rocks get pushed down even deeper, it turns into magma which starts the whole cycle all over again.


Here is a video of me explaining wats in the cave I made!






I did not like planning my project or doing research but I did enjoy making my cave!

Public speaking reflection!

Hi! Today I’m going to show you my public speaking refection on why kids should have more resess!

What I found challenging and what I didn’t enjoy!

What I found challenging about public speaking was not saying it but I was nervous when I said my speech. I was nervous because I was stressed on how good I would do saying my speech. what I didn’t enjoy doing was the research of my speech. What was hard to search up was dose reses help kids focus when the come back to class. To me this was hard because there was so much information on one website . because of this it was hard to find the best fakes that I understood and that would make sense to the rest of my class .


What I found easy and what I did enjoy!


What I found easy was practicing my speech. This might be confusing because I said the most challenging thing I did was saying the speech. The thing is it was hard saying it in front of my class, but when I was practicing my speech it was easy because it was just me and one other person. What I enjoyed was choosing what my speech was about. To me this was fun because I got to choose any topic I wanted. But most importantly was I could do my topic about something I care about.


What I would do differently next time!


Next time I will work more on writing my speech and making it as good as it can be. I felt I practiced the delivery part just right and would do that again next time.

Cookie blog!

Hi in class we started rocs and minerals and to practice excavating minerals we exuviated chocolate chips from a cookie!


What is a geologist? A  geologist is some one who mins minerals and rocks and they also fined dinosaur bones. A geologist tries not to damage the earth when they take out a mineral but when I did that with my cookie it was completely destroyed.


Here is a video on Geologist

Innovation day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Today I am going to share about my innovation day project. It is a medieval castle with a working drawbridge!

Information about the first kind of castle!

The first kind of castle was made of wood. It had a wooden wall all around the castle. In the castle is a keep which is on a hill. Under the hill is a ditch. that ditch and hill is called a motte. The motte and keep is overloking a bailey.This kind of castle is called a motte and bailey castle.

  Information about drawbridges!

drawbridges are made for defence! In the middle ages castles had a moat around the castle to cross the moat people used drawbridges. Drawbridges could be raised and lowered. When enemies came to the castle the pepole inside the castle riased the drawbridge so the enemy cant get in! To make the drawbridge move inside the castle is a big pully and gear system.


Serfs and Lords !

Serfs and Lords are different things: a serf is a servant for the lord . Lords are very rich people who own a lot of land.Often serfs spend most of there life on a farm and make food for the lord.Serfs live in mud houses. the house had one room!When the crops failed the lord blamed it on the serfs. After the crops failed the lord would take the limited amounT OF FOOD FOR HImSelf.


It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, young men in the Middle Ages learned how to use a weapon.Foot soldiers learned to fight with an axe and a long spear called a pike. The best soldiers were knights.Knights were soldiers who fought on horseback.If you want to be a knight you need to pay for horses and armor. You also need to find someone to train you.Knights also make some money by looting and holding certain people for ransom.When you are being trained you start as a page then a squire then a knight.


Medieval English Knights: 10 Things You Should Know

Here is a link to my blog on pulleys!


This is my hypothesis clic the video to watch!


This is a pitcher of me making my castle!

This is how i made my castle!


This is a tore of my finished castle!



IN conclusion i did not make my pulley system how i planned.I had planned to put my pulley system on the tower.I planed by making a pulley on two wood pieces to hold the pulley and more wood to hold up the geer.the string would be   attached to a holl in the middle of the geer and then I would wrap it around the geer then when I turned the geer the bridge would rise.
Instead of my pulley system on the towers I put the system in my castle.If you want to see the system look at my results video!
My castle design was the same as my hypothesis.

Self Reflection!


Looking back at my castle the one thing I would change is making rooms in my castle.


I don’t want to be a pirate!

Hi! Today I am going to show you my response to the question which is: Do you want to be a pirate?

I believe that living life as a pirate is bad! When you live like a pirate you break the law and steal from other people. I wouldn’t enjoy being rich by stealing. Pirates have an attitude of being selfish and mean. Pirates go from place to place stealing and they don’t care how it impacts the person they stole from. I wonder if it would be hard to make friends as a pirate if people didn’t trust you.

Being a pirate means that you will be on the water most of your life and in my opinion that is boring. There is so much more to do on land. If I were a pirate I would not want to be on a  boat during crazy storms .I know some people get motion sick easily and would be uncomfortable to be on a rocking boat. Spending all my time on a boat  is not my thing.

I don’t want to be a pirate! I don’t want to hurt other people and treat them badly.  As much as I love the water I don’t want to live on a boat. This is why I never want to be a pirate!